Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where does Bambini products ship from?
A. Orange County, California. 

Q. What shipping methods are used?
A. Our online order system automatically defaults to FedEx ground deliveries.  You have the option to select UPS ground instead.  If you wish to use the US Postal Service, simply enter the request in the Message section of your order.  Expedited deliveries are also available.  You can note in the Message section of your order if you want 2-day, 3-day, etc.  Your UPS or FedEx account number can also be noted in this section, if you prefer that we bill your account direct. 

Q. How exact is the shipping amount on my order?
A. We strive to use the most economical method to ship your orders, using FedEx, UPS or the US Mail. We do not add any other fees for shipping other than what these carriers may charge to ship a particular order. 

Shipping cost is determined once a destination is known, items are pulled, boxed and weighed. We cannot determine the final shipping cost unless and until this is done. Many orders are simply too large to assemble on a trial basis (only to have canceled because of the shipping cost). 

While our order process automatically defaults to UPS ground deliveries, you can also select FedEx, or the US Postal Service. In addition, we will also work with any private freight forwarder you may want to use. You may also supply us with your private UPS or FedEx account number to bill your shipping costs in the Comment / Message section of your order. 

If you wish to have an approximate cost for shipping your order, we can supply you with the individual and / or case weight of the item(s) you are ordering, along with our shipping address and zip code, so that you can enter it on your selected carrier’s website. 

For UPS, go to
For FedEx, go to
For the US mail, go to (used for all international orders). 

Please keep in mind that this will only be an approximate charge, since you will not be entering the weight (and dimensions) of the cartons used (nor adding insurance on international shipments, as we do). Your final shipping charge will be determined by Bambini Infant Wear. 

Q. How secure is your website?
A. Website security is our top priority at Bambini, and we are always utilizing the latest technologies to keep our customers information secure. If you have any advice, comments, or issues with our website please email us. 

Q. What is the sizing of your products?
A. Please view the Size Chart for more information. 

Q. What is your Return Policy?
A. Our return policy is listed on our Policy page

Q. What name will charged to my credit card?
The name that will appear with the charge on your credit card is Bambini Infant Wear Inc. 

Q. Does Bambini Infant Wear manufacture custom products?
A. Yes we do. Bambini is a manufacturer that can produce custom garments as long as you meet our minimum requirements. For more information please view our Prototype Development page.

Q. Shipping and Ordering Time
A. Ordered usually ship within the 24 hrs from the time its placed.  We usually try to ship the same day, but depending on the time the order is received may push it to the next day.