Wholesale Baby Clothing Suppliers in the USA

Wholesale Baby Clothing Suppliers in the USA

Bambini Infant Wear is based in Orange County, California, offers a complete baby clothing collection of infant layette garments and accessories.

In business for more than 25 years, Bambini has garnered a reputation for total excellence in the quality of its merchandise, dedication to customer service, and timely expedition of orders.

Bambini is continually focusing on expanding its outreach and notability in the baby clothing realm and has set the industry standard for superior quality fabrics and garments throughout its bambini line and private label for custom orders.

In order to learn more about bambini ’ websites, catalogs and how it carved such a renowned market niche, we sat down with Mr. Bernard Berzack, CEO, to learn more about what makes Bambini Layette unique and what we can expect from the company in the near future.

What are some of bambini’ standout lines?

We are very excited about our lines, which incorporate fresh, modern, fashion-forward prints, embroidered garments and accessories for infants and toddler boys and girls.  Our design team is constantly working on new ideas and styles so that we can offer our customers the best products at competitive prices.

Bambini has a full line of 1 x 1 Rib 100% Cotton, and the bambini line consists of 100% Cotton Interlock, Micro Fiber, Fleece, and Thermal, Organic Cotton.  We are fully compliant with the CPSIA.   We pride ourselves on updating our collection every season and being on top of our game, above our competition.  At Bambini Infant Wear, we are constantly updating fabrics, styles and fashionable items in our lines.   We frequently receive rave reviews from our customers about our one-piece items, gowns, robes, pajamas, hats and our baby starter gift sets, to name just a few.

Why do you think Bambini is so successful and how did it create such a niche in the baby layette industry?

Bambini has always made it clear to the industry that our vision is to concentrate on quality and control of our fabrics, designs, garments and accessories.  Our main objective and pure intent is to offer our customers only the very best.   We have the added advantage of a strong background in textile engineering.  Some examples of transferring this knowledge to superior product offerings are the quality of fabrics we choose to use and the exact weight content for each style.  We work closely with the CPSC guidelines to make sure our clothing is safe and comfy for all babies.

We make it our business to stay on top of the industry by attending numerous trade shows during the year all over the U.S. and overseas.  Bambini has a solid customer base nationwide and internationally.  We sell to many well-known chain stores, and we have customers across Alaska, the Caribbean, Canada and overseas.   We have a wonderful relationship with our customers.  We listen to our customers, asking them about their needs and soliciting input, and we consistently endeavor to respond to these market demands.  We are also proud to always remain up-to-date with trends, keeping our lines fashion-forward yet practical and comfortable.

What makes Bambini of higher quality than other brands?

Bambini offers superior quality baby clothes at competitive prices, and we control the entire production process.  Our newborn, infant layette garments are 100% cotton, and we offer all of the basics as well as some specialty items. The softness of our fabric is the dominant requisite for our products, since babies’ comfort comes first.  We stay true to our mantra that “babies are our business”.   Our lines consist of Bambini clothing and accessories which include all Layette, Sleeveless, Short Sleeve & Long Sleeve One Piece Items, Tank Tops, T–Shirts, Side Snap Shirts both in Short and Long Sleeve with Mitten Cuffs. Pajamas, Thermal, Fleece & Flannel Blankets, Interlock Receiving Blankets, Flannel Receiving Blankets, and ‘My Little Blankie’ (a security blanket for babies) in a satin blend.  Bath Accessories such as Hooded Towels, Sleepwear, Gowns, Robes, Rompers, Union Suits, Baby Grows, Pants, Caps, Hats, Booties.  My First Panties for girls and Boxer Shorts for boys.   Blanks for Custom Screen printing & Embroidery.  Mosquito Stroller and Crib Nets etc.  Most importantly, our distinctive hanging and boxed gift sets are beautifully packed in attractive gift boxes and offer an array of items best suited for a new baby’s needs.  They feature carefully selected stylish prints and embroidered appliques for Newborn Baby Starter Sets.

What is the design and manufacturing process like for Bambini?

We control all aspects of the design and manufacturing process right up to expediting orders in a timely manner.  This rigorous commitment to quality control allows us to feel 100% comfortable putting our name on everything we sell.

Our clothing styles, sizes, fabrics, colors, prints and embroidery are designed in our California offices, and we work on new designs year-round. We are in constant contact with our manufacturing facility overseas.  This includes traveling overseas frequently to monitor the production and manufacturing process.  We take feedback from our customers and look to growing baby fashion trends to remain on the cutting edge in the baby apparel world.

And what about the most challenging aspects of the business?
The most challenging aspect of this business is predicting the coming fashion trends to always stay one step ahead and satisfy consumer preferences.  Bambini is known for consistently offering its customers the most up-to-date fashion trends in the marketplace today.

How has the economy affected Bambini Infant Wear?
The recent economic climate has actually presented an opportunity for Bambini to expand.  The fact is, babies are always being born and in need of clothing, so people continue to buy baby apparel.  The only market change is that people are pickier about the clothes they buy. That has put us at a unique advantage, because we have always focused on delivering competitively priced, high-quality garments and accessories .

Our aim is to never sit on our laurels but to ultimately continue to concentrate on infant layette necessities for babies and toddlers and to be in close contact with our customers, keeping up with their needs and the latest trends.

Where do you see Bambini heading in the future?

We will remain the premier source for quality infant layette items and maintain the best customer service for our superior yet affordable lines.